Where to Find Black Mouth Cur Puppies for Sale in 2023

black mouth cur puppies

Black Mouth Cur Dogs are versatile hunting and cattle dogs developed in the Southern United States.

This very smart, athletic breed likes to please its owner.

They make great hunting dogs as they can effectively track and trail game, herd animals, pull weight, run course events, or even perform Search and Rescue missions.

Black Mouth Curs make excellent companions and are plentiful around America. If you want to buy a Black Mouth Cur Dog, below you will find some reputable places to begin your search.

How Much Does a Black Mouth Cur Cost?

The Black Mouth Cur breed isn’t as expensive as other breeds. 

You will pay more getting one from a reputable breeder below, but it still won’t be as much as other purebred dogs.

You can check out a local rescue if you still need a cheaper option. They usually have the Black Mouth Cur dog for under $300.

Remember that if you want a puppy, you must pay more.

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Where can I find Black Mouth Cur Breeders?

When you search for a Black Mouth Cur Puppy, the best place to begin is the breed registry site; here, you will find detailed information about the breed and a list of certified breeders.

For the Black Mouth Cur breed, visit the National Kennels Club’s site (NKC) at http://www.nationalkennelclub.com/breed-standards/blackmouth_cur.htm.

Otherwise, here are a few reputable breeders who specialize in these dogs:

Thoms Yellow Black Mouth Cur Cowdogs

If you are looking for Black Mouth Cur puppies for sale in Texas, this is your Kennel, located around Three Rivers – these breeders have been breeding these dogs for over 50 years.

Their puppies are produced from working cow dogs and are guaranteed high quality.

To find out more, see them on the Internet at http://www.blackmouthcurcowdogs.com/.

Givens Black Mouth Cur Dogs

Givens Black Mouth Cur started in 2007, focusing on creating multitalented dogs with good health and temperament.

The breed became a big part of these families lives, and now they have many dogs they love.

You will have to contact them directly if you are interested in one of their puppies.

They have Black Mouth Curs for sale quite often. To see what they have available, see their site at http://www.givensblackmouthcur.com/.

Northern Black Mountain Cur

This kennel got its first Black Mountain Cur in 2005 and began breeding in 2007.  Northern Black Mountain Cur strived to promote the breed to everything with a very outdoor lifestyle.

They got so much praise for the breed that they began to breed even more.

They have new litter often, so it is a good idea to contact them to get your name on a waiting list for this breed.

You can contact them here: https://northernblackmouthcur.ca/available-puppies/

Black Mouth Cur Dogs

Where is the Best place to find an Adult Black Mouth Cur?

If you are looking for an adult rather than a puppy, one great place to begin is with a local Black Mouth Cur rescue.

When dealing with any kind of dog rescue, it is great as they will not place dogs in homes that are not compatible; this is the best way to ensure you get exactly what your family is looking for.

Another thing most people may not realize is that breed-specific rescues get dogs of all ages. You may find Black Mouth Cur puppies mixes, which also make a great working dog.

Ultimately, these are great dogs if you are searching for a versatile hunting or herding dog.

There are lots of places you can look to find a Black Mouth Cur for sale; whether you contact a breeder or a rescue, you’ll be happy you did!

Black Mountain Cur Rescues

One of the best things you can do is adopt a dog needing a home. Some dog breeds can be hard to find in a rescue, but the Black Mouth Cur is one that you can find quite often.

One of the best resources I have been able to find is the http://blackmouthcur.rescueme.org/

They have an entire map of the united states with dogs ready to be adopted! These are all only Black Mouth Curs, so you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for, hopefully, close to you.

Save a life and adopt a dog!

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