How to Find Shorty Jack Russell Puppies for Sale

Most people have heard of the Jack Russell Terrier but have you heard of the Shorty Jack Russell? This is a variation from the purebred breed that is basically its own standalone breed. Unfortunately, it is not recognized as one yet, but many breeders specifically only breed this variety.

If you are searching for Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale, you came to the right place as I have some reputable breeders who are breeding to share with you.

Shorty Jack Russell

What is a Shorty Jack Russell Terrier?

The Shorty Jack Russell Terrier is a variation of the Jack Russell Terrier. It is used for a different purpose than the main breed. The big difference between these two dogs is that the Shorty Jack Russell will have shorter legs.

The temperament of this dog breed can also be different than the standard. You may notice your Shorty Jack will be more docile and follow commands from the owner easier. Definitely do your research on this dog breed if you are still unsure of the difference.

How Much Does a Shorty Jack Russell Cost?

The price of Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale will certainly range from breeder to breeder. One of the cheapest options I have seen has been priced at $1,250, and you can pay up to $3,000 for your new shorty Jack Russell Terrier.

Shorty Jack Russell Puppies For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Shorty Jack Russell Breeder

With the high demand for Shorty Jack Russell Terrier, you may be wondering exactly where you can get one. My best recommendation to you will be to purchase one from a reputable breeder.

Lazy C Ranch

Lazy C Ranch is a reputable breeder of the Shorty Jack Russel dog breed, and they are located in Henrietta, Texas. Currently, this breeder is breeding the Shorty Jack Russel, Ahtca Hunt Terriers, and even horses.

For the last 24 years, this breeder has been actively breeding these dogs and preserving traits and attributes they find important for future generations. All of their dogs live here on the ranch with the owners. As a result, puppies and dogs get plenty of attention and socialization throughout the day. This creates a very sound and good temperamental dog.

All of their puppies that are born cost $1,250. This breeder does require a deposit to be placed on a litter or puppy to reserve it. You will need to deposit $200 to reserve your spot. You have the option to spay or neuter your dog, which means you can have breeding rights.

If you are interested, you should email or call the breeder. You can tell the breeding exactly what you are looking for in a puppy. The breeder should then notify you when they have puppies available. If you want to read more about this breeder or check out pictures, you can go here:

Cuttin Up Jack Russells

We have another fabulous breeder that is also located in Texas. They are located just outside of Seymour, Texas. All of their dogs have plenty of room to explore and play on this owner’s property. This breeder has been dedicated to the Shorty Jack Russell for over 27 years.

This breeder is a member of the NCHA and takes raising and breeding the dogs very seriously. They get all the dogs as well as puppies health checked, vaccinated, and of course, dewormed before going home to you.

Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale with a limited registration will cost $1,500, and if you want a puppy with breeding rights, you will pay $2,000. However, like many other breeders, this breeder does require a deposit to hold your spot for a puppy. Therefore, you will need to place a $200 deposit to ensure you will get a puppy from this breeder.

You can choose to have your puppy shipped to you for an additional price. This will typically cost $600 extra. This breeder will have a few litters per year, so if you are interested, you should definitely email the breeder and get on a waiting list. You can do that here:

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Spotswood Jacks

Lynda Harrell is the small hobby breeder that runs Spotswood Jacks. She has worked for the past thirty years as a licensed veterinary technician. She has owned some different dog breeds in the past, such as Golden Retrievers. Also, she has worked with a Golden Retriever rescue helping take in dogs in need.

Lynda got introduced to the Shorty Jack Russell breed from her friends Heather. She spends a lot of time with her dog, watching it while she was out of town. Unfortunately, her friend passed away, and Lynda became the owner of that dog.

It was then that Lynda knew she wanted to breed Shorty Jack Russell Terriers. Now today, she is running her own breeding operation and offering Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale. All of the dogs grow up and live inside of her home with her. Her goal is to give her customers high-quality, healthy dogs with excellent temperaments.

When you decide that you want to get one of her puppies, you will need to fill out the contact us form. It is like an application because it asks a variety of questions that way, the breeder can get to know you and exactly what type of dog you are looking for.

Keep in mind you will need to place a deposit of $200 to reserve your puppy. As you can see from the other breeds, this is very standard, and most breeders are doing the same thing. This breeder is located on the east coast, so if you like out that way, I definitely recommend checking her out here:

Brightjacks Shortiejacks

The next breeder that has Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale is the kennel called Brightjacks Shortiejacks. They are also located on the east coast in the Riverview area of Florida. They have been able to enjoy the Shorty Jack dog breed since 1990 and started breeding in the year 2000.

Before they breed their dogs, they perform health testing to ensure that the puppies won’t have any health or genetic issues. The goal is to deliver their customers high-quality, healthy, and happy puppies.

The price of their Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale starts at $1,800 and goes up to $3,000 based on the type of puppy you are getting. This breeder does require a deposit to be placed at four weeks of age. This deposit will cost $500, don’t forget that the price comes off the purchase of the puppy.

If you are interested, you can call or email the breeder. There is also a contact us form on the breeder’s webpage that you can fill out. You can view all of that and much more here:

Shorty Jack Russell Rescue

Shorty Jack Russell Rescue

Unfortunately, so many dogs are left without a home each year. This can be so heart-wrenching and, of course, upsetting for the dog. There are typically many rescues around for very popular dog breeds. The Jack Russell Terrier is one breed that has a lot of rescues.

The Russell Rescue is one that I recommend you check out if you want to go the rescue route. They are a rescue built upon multiple volunteers, and they dedicate their time to take care of these dogs in need until they get adopted.

They rescue and rehome purebreds, mixes, and different varieties of Jack Russell Terriers, so it is worth the try to look for a Shorty Jack Russell here from this rescue.


Were you able to decide on the breeders above who have Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale? I know it can be difficult with so many choices but keep in mind you should email a few; that way, you have multiple chances to get your dream dog faster.

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