How to Find Kuvasz Puppies for Sale

The Kuvasz dog breed is likely a breed you have never heard of. This breed is a purebred and recognized by the AKC. The Kuvasz is a Hungarian dog breed that was used as a guard dog on farms for flock. They have also been used as a guard dogs for royalty.

Are you interested in owning your very own Kuvasz? Thankfully you are in luck because there are some breeders in this article that have Kuvasz puppies for sale.

Kuvasz Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Kuvasz Puppy?

The price that you will pay for a Kuvasz puppy will greatly depend on the breeder. Every breeder is different, so you will have to pay in a range of prices. Expect to spend between $1,500 to $2,000 for a Kuvasz puppy.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Kuvasz Breeder?

Here you will find the four breeders that I was talking about above. All of these breeders below have been breeding the Kuvasz dog breed for a long time. You will definitely be able to find Kuvasz puppies for sale from these breeders.

Kuvasz Puppy For Sale

Huron Kennels

This breeder got their first Kuvasz in 1987. Two years later, in 1989, this breeder started their kennel near the shore of Lake Huron. Since then, the breeder has been dedicated to matching potential owners with their amazing Kuvasz puppies for sale.

The breeder allows potential owners from Canada and the United States to purchase one of their puppies. All litters are completely planned out, and the breeder lists future litter plans on the website. Also, the breeder will ship their dogs a certain amount of distance to the owner.

Currently, the breeder has a lot of Kuvasz dogs, both female, and male. So, you can expect that this breeder will have more than one litter each year. Unfortunately, the breeder doesn’t have many instructions on the website about how to reserve a puppy.

My suggestion to you would be to email the breeder and ask some basic questions on how you can get one of their Kuvasz puppies for sale. Ask some questions about the process and more about the breeder so you can make a confident decision that this is the breeder you want to work with. You can view more information here:

Double Ring Kuvasz

Kathy and Chuck are running Double Ring Kuvasz and have been active with this dog breed since 1989. Many other Kuvasz enthusiasts respect and have heard of this breeder. Both Kathy and Chuck have been very active with the dog breed and other parts of the dog universe.

Currently, this breeder is living in Fredericktown, Missouri. All of their dogs are completely health checked before they begin breeding. You will be provided with a written health guarantee stating about your dog’s health. The breeder also plans out all litters to ensure that they will yield very high-quality puppies. Due to this, they have a limited number of litters each year.

Puppies get well socialized and taken care of until they go home into their new owner. All dogs are raised inside the breeder’s home and not inside of a kennel. It is important that you make a reservation for a puppy as soon as possible because spots will fill up fast. If you want a show dog, it is important that you specify to Kathy exactly what you are looking for.

You should read over this breeder’s website here: There is a lot of very helpful information on the site about the breed and the breeder’s background. Definitely get on the reservation list as soon as you can.

Paws & Bones

Aegys Kennels

Aegys is a small kennel that is located in the southern part of Georgia. This breeder has a separate homing area for her dogs that is around 2000 square feet. The kennel is a great space that is both air-conditioned and heated. There is plenty of room for the dogs to roam around, and it even has a spacious outside area connected.

This breeder is dedicated to producing the highest quality of Kuvasz puppies for sale. They focus on creating dogs with very sound temperaments, following breed standards, and focusing on the dog’s working ability. The dogs also get tested for hip dysplasia by the OFA or the OVC.

Their dog’s range in price is based on what you are looking for, whether it be a family companion or a show dog. Puppies start at $900 and can go up to $2,500. If you need your dog shipped, it will be an additional cost on top of that.

You will need to fill out a questionnaire and then, once approved, place a deposit for a reservation for a puppy. Litters of Kuvasz puppies are happening once a year or so. If you want to know specifically when the next litter will be, you will need to email the breeder.

A variety of other questions you may have about this breeder can be answered on the breeder’s page. They have pictures and background information on their dogs and practices. You can view that here:

Szumeria Kennel

The owner Lynn was on the search for the essential perfect dog breed and came across the Kuvasz dog breed in 1985. However, it wasn’t until 1990 that the breeder decided to establish her own operation. The kennel that this breeding operation takes place at is located on 20 acres of land.

There is an indoor, and outdoor space fit with kennel runs as well as grooming facilities. This breeder has really taken in all the knowledge and care the Kuvasz dog breed needs to better service you and her dogs.

When this breeder breeds, health is the most important aspect. This is why the dogs go through stringent health testing to ensure that the dogs are healthy. The breeder is also a member of the AKC, the Hungarian Kuvasz Club, and the Kuvasz Club of America.

The breeder has an online application that you can fill out to get approved to purchase one of their dogs. You will also find some fun puppy videos that you can use to get an idea of how the puppies will look.

You can go wrong with this breeder or one of the others. Definitely check this breeder out to see if they have any upcoming litters of Kuvasz puppies available soon. You can check the breeder out here:

Kuvasz Rescue

Kuvasz Rescue

A rescue is another way that you can get a Kuvasz. The Kuvasz Fanciers of America Rescue is built up of volunteers who take the time to save abandoned and abused Kuvaszs. This is a non-profit organization, so everything goes to saving these dogs.

Obviously, when you purchase a dog from this rescue, it will be significantly cheaper than a puppy from a breeder. Unfortunately, most rescues do not get puppies in, but it could be possible. The best way to get a dog from a rescue is by filling out an application. Once approved, you can see what dogs they have available for adoption.


Now that you know that there are breeders out there who specialize in Kuvasz puppies for sale, you can contact some of the people from our list. My goal is to help you find your dream dog. I understand that it is a process and a waiting game for your new dog, but it will be worth it!

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