My Dog Ate a Pad, What Now?

Did you just find your dog ripping up or even eating one of your pads? You may be saying my dog ate a pad! A very shocking sight, and while you may feel embarrassed, don’t be because this is very common for dogs to do. A dog will do this because of the smell of the pad, but it is important to act fast because your dog eating a pad can be very dangerous. Here you will find out what to do if your dog ate your pad.

My Dog Ate A Pad

My Dog Ate a Pad; What Do I Do?

Maxi pads are used to absorb liquids, which can be very dangerous if consumed by a dog. The pad can actually start absorbing liquids inside of your dog’s body. Your dog needs these fluids to help process things inside of the body.

The pad or even parts of it could also potentially cause an intestinal blockage. This means it can get stuck inside the digestive tract and won’t allow other things to get past. Again, this is a very serious condition and something only a veterinarian can help with.

Sighs of an Intestinal Blockage

Here you will find some common signs of an intestinal blockage:

  • Constipation or not pooping
  • Diarrhea
  • Your dog seems lethargic
  • Won’t eat
  • Drooling of the mouth that isn’t normal
  • Your dog is vomiting

What to do if Dog Eats Sanitary Pad

Below you will find the steps that you should take if you have seen or noticed that your dog has eaten a sanitary pad.

1. Evaluate the Situation

The first step you need to take is to evaluate how much of the pad you think your dog consumed. This will be very important information to know if you get on the phone with the vet. After figuring that out, you need to dial your dog’s veterinarian’s phone number. If you cannot reach them for some reason, I suggest contacting an emergency vet.

2. Take your dog to the Vet

Once you have talked to your dog’s veterinarian, it is likely that the vet will want you to bring the dog in for evaluation. Make sure that you think of all the necessary details from this incident or if you aren’t sure what happened, try to gather some ideas when looking at the pad mess.

Also, at this time, keep a watch on our dog’s behavior and write down or remember any strange symptoms your dog may be having before getting to the veterinarian’s office.

3. Clean up the Mess

Next, you will want to clean up the mess and make sure your maxi pads or tampons are far out of your dog’s reach. Then, you can remove the mess to a different garbage bin or even outside to a bigger trash can that your dog would not be able to get into.

4. Try to Stay Calm

Even though this is a very stressful situation, you need to stay calm. So when you are on the way to the vet, try to calm yourself and know that your vet is going to do everything, they can to help your furry friend.

Sick Dog

Can a Dog Pass a Maxi Pad?

In some cases, yes, a dog could pass the pad, but there are many factors of danger when a dog eats this, so there is a big chance that a bigger problem can happen. Also, large dog breeds typically have an easier time passing things through their digestive system than smaller dogs.

If your dog ate a pad, you should still call your vet immediately and closely watch out for weird behavior or intestinal blockage signs. Do not put this off because this is a very serious situation.

Even if your dog someone passes the pad, it can still cause damage to the body, such as a cut in the intestines that can make your dog have bloody stool. So, I would still have a vet check over your dog and make sure everything is okay.

What Will the Vet do if my Dog Ate a Pad?

Of course, your dog’s treatment will vary depending on your dog’s certain situation. For example, your vet may take x-rays to see if there is anything stuck inside of your dog. Your vet may also use a tool that looks down in your dog’s throat to see if it can see anything.

If it seems like it is going to be difficult to get the pad out or that your dog may not pass it. Your vet may try to induce vomiting to have your dog throw it up. Again, this all depends on what your vet wants to do to help your dog with this problem.

My Dog Ate a Pad with Period Blood

Dogs naturally have a very good sense of smell. Your dog may be attracted to the smell of pee or even the smell of blood. If your dog does eat a used pad, the blood itself on it will not hurt your dog, but the pad itself will hurt your dog.

So, while this is really gross that your dog is eating it, and it might gross you out, just know that dogs have a strong sense of smell, and that smell is attractive, and that is why your dog is trying to eat it.

Dog Ate A Pad

Why Does my Dog Eat Sanitary Pads?

There are a few reasons why your dog might be getting into your pads. The first reason might be that your dog naturally smells the pad. This is a completely normal situation. Your dog may also want to eat the pad because of the soft cotton it is made from. Finally, your dog may just want to chew on it or rip it apart for the amusement aspect.

Another reason is that your dog is completely bored. Some dog breeds are highly active and need a lot of exercise to get that pent out energy out. If you do not take your dog outside to get exercise, then it could cause behavior issues such as your dog ripping or even eating pads. Your dog could be doing this out of boredom.

Tips to Keep Dogs Away from Pads

Below you will find some tips on how to keep pads and other sanitary things away from your pet.

  • Keep all of your sanitary pads or napkins far away from your dog. This can be in a cabinet high up where your dog should not be able to get it.
  • When you have used pads, I suggest throwing them into a trash that your dog cannot get into or just taking them out to the bigger outside garbage. If you keep the pad inside the home, try to get a trash can that has a lid or something to keep it closed or hard for your dog to get into.
  • Keep an eye on your dog. Just like when people say if your kids are quiet, they might be doing something bad. Monitor your dog and make sure your dog isn’t getting into stuff it isn’t supposed to.


Now you know what to do if your dog eats a pad. Act quickly and make sure you call your vet so that this doesn’t become a life-threatening situation. If your dog has ever done this, please share your story with us in the comments.

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