Why is My Yorkie Shaking?

Do you ever wonder why is my Yorkie shaking? This is a common complaint Yorkie owners have and wonder exactly why their dog does this. Unfortunately, your Yorkie may shake for a variety of different reasons. Below you will find out exactly why the Yorkshire Terrier breed shakes.

Yorkie Shaking

Why is My Yorkie Shaking?

There are a variety of reasons why your Yorkie is shaking. This can be a very confusing thing to pinpoint. The first thing you will want to do is identify the possible reasons why your dog is shaking. Below you will see some of the reasons why your Yorkie shakes.

Cold Temperatures

As you know, Yorkshire Terriers are hypoallergenic and have hair similar to human hair and not fur. Unfortunately, this breed also has no undercoat meaning that your dog can have issues when the temperature fluctuates. If it is cold outside, then your Yorkie may shiver because it cannot keep itself warm with its hair.

If the temperature in your area is below 50 degrees, you should be prepared by having a jacket or clothing for your dog to wear outside. You will also want to beware of the signs of hypothermia because you really do not want your dog to get that

Signs Of Hypothermia

  • Shivering uncontrollably
  • Your Yorkie is having issues breathing

If your dog is exhibiting those side effects, you will need to consult your veterinarian and see if they want to look at your dog.

Your adult dog may not have a cold-weather shaking issue as much as a puppy or older senior dog would. However, make sure that you never leave your Yorkie outside in the cold for long periods of time because you will run the risk of your dog catching hypothermia.


Hypoglycemia is the drop in blood sugar levels in your dog. This can be extremely dangerous if this happens to your dog when it is a puppy. This can also happen to older dogs, and this sudden drop and blood sugar can make your dog start to shake. When your dog is shaking, you may not know what it is doing and think of other possible reasons not realizing it can be dangerous.

Some serious side effects to let you know your dog may have Hypoglycemia are:

  • Your dog’s lethargic
  • Excessive shaking
  • More serious reactions can be a seizure
Why Is My Yorkie Shaking

What Causes Hypoglycemia?

There are many things that can trigger Hypoglycemia, some being environmental factors, being around new people, dogs, stress, and also changes in your dog’s diet. When you first get a puppy, it is important to keep it on the same food that they are used to because sometimes a change can make your dog have low blood sugar. Also, if you are not feeding your dog as often as you should, this could be an indicator of why your dog has developed this because their blood sugar will definitely drop without getting the proper amount of food.


When your sweet little Yorkie is excited, you may find it shaking. This usually happens to Yorkie puppies, but it wouldn’t be uncommon for it to happen with your adult dog. For example, you might find your Yorkie shaking when you come home because it is so exciting to see you. Sometimes the Yorkshire Terrier will get so excited that it may actually urinate.

If your dog takes it to the extreme by urinating, this will be a behavior issue that you will want to correct. One of the best ways to calm down your dog’s excitement is by telling your dog to sit and calm down. You can even pick your dog up and try to get it to stop shaking.


Sometimes your Yorkshire Terrier is just shaking because it is afraid. It may be hard for you to identify why your Yorkie is afraid. It could be a variety of different things from new situations, people, other animals, etc. The Yorkie is a very small dog breed, and it can easily get frightened when picked up or due to everything being so much bigger than itself.

Depending on whatever reason is making your dog afraid, you may notice your dog beginning to shake. First, try to comfort your dog and make it stop shaking.

Stressed Out

Stress is another reason why your dog is shaking. High-stress environments or new things can cause your dog stress. This can happen more to young Yorkies, but it can still happen at all ages. If you put your dog into new situations, such as moving or around new people, it can frighten or stress out your dog.

Stressed Yorkie


Another common reason your dog could be shaking is because it is sick or poisoned by something. For example, if your Yorkie eats something that it wasn’t supposed to, it can cause your dog to have various reactions, such as shaking.

Shaking can be a sign of poisoning, whether it is from a chemical or through a food your dog ate that it shouldn’t have. If you find that your dog ate something and is exhibiting excessive shaking, I highly recommend consulting your veterinarian.

Your vet will give you guidance on what you need to do to get your Yorkshire Terrier to feel better. Your dog may even show signs of shaking when it needs to puke.

What Do I Do if my Yorkie is Shaking?

The first thing you will need to do is identify what is making your Yorkie shake. Then, you can go through the possible reasons above and try to narrow down which one best fits your dog and how it’s acting.

If you feel your dog is shaking due to a medical emergency, I suggest taking your dog to your vet, vet hospital, or making a phone call to your vet to find out what you should do. If your dog is shaking from a situation such as stress or being afraid. Simply pick your Yorkie up and try to comfort it or remove it from the stressful situation. The shaking will not just stop; you will need to calm down your dog or get it medical condition if it’s a medical problem to make it stop.

Why is My Yorkie Shaking While Sleeping?

One of the main reasons your Yorkie could be shaking when sleeping is actually because it is cold. Remember that the Yorkies do not have fur; they have hair which means they will get colder easier. You may need to wrap your dog up in a blanket at night and especially during the winter to keep it warm. Try this and see if it reduces the shaking in your dog’s sleep.

Why Does My Yorkie Shake After Eating?

A big indication for shaking after eating will be due to Hypoglycemia. If you read what I wrote about it above, you will know that this is a drop in your dog’s blood sugar levels. This can happen after your dog eats. Environmental factors can also trigger this. You will definitely want to notify your dog’s vet about this medical condition if you suspect it.


If you are a Yorkie owner, it is important to understand what is going on with your dog. You may wonder why your Yorkie is shaking, and it is important to know if it is an emergency or not. I hope you found this article useful if your Yorkie shakes on occasions and you are unsure why.

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