Best Wet Food for Yorkies

Do you own a Yorkie and want to make the transition from dry dog food to wet dog food? Then let me help you as I know the absolute best-wet food for Yorkies on the market. Below you will find a brief review of each food option and exactly why it would be perfect for your growing Yorkshire Terrier.

Best Wet Food For Yorkies

Our top recommendations for best-wet dog food for your Yorkie are down below!

How To Choose the Best Wet Food for Yorkies

Choosing the right food for your pup is an important responsibility. Wet dog foods come in various flavors and textures, so it’s important to find one that meets your Yorkie’s needs. Some wet foods contain nutritious ingredients like lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Others include added vitamins and minerals to ensure complete nutrition.


Protein is very important to your Yorkies diet. Remember, the protein inside of your dog’s wet food should come from a whole source, not a by-product. Protein should also be one of the main ingredients, at least in the top three.

Healthy Fats

All dogs need fats in their diet. Healthy fats are important such as omegas and fatty acids. This will help your dog’s skin and coat. Most dog food brands add healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Some common fat that you might see in dog food is fish oil.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber

When wet food is made of whole ingredients and vegetables, it will create a lot of fiber. Fiber is essential because it keeps your dog going to the bathroom regularly.

Vitamins and minerals are important because they help fight free radicals, boost immunity, and keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and smooth.


Price is another factor to consider because wet food is more expensive than dry dog food. Therefore, you will want to examine the prices of the best wet food for Yorkies on the market and see the price per can, pouch, or tray.

You will also need to consider how much wet dog food your dog will need daily. Remember that your dog’s food consumption and calorie intake are based on its weight. Once you know that, you can determine which product will work out the best for you and your needs.

Feeding A Yorkie

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Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult Breed Specific Wet Dog Food

If you have never heard of Royal Canin, It is a very reputable food brand that caters its food to specific dog breeds. You can find a lot of food products made by them for a variety of different dog breeds. This is a value pack as it comes with 12 pouches of 3 ounces of wet dog food pate, or you can get it in the can form with four cans.

This is specifically designed for your Yorkie. Your dog can start eating this wet food after ten months of age and on into its adult life. The food will give your dog complete nutrition as well as omegas, biotin for skin and nails, and both types of fiber. Since this dog food is specially made for the Yorkshire Terrier, it is our number one option for the best wet food for Yorkies.


  • Formulated strictly for the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed.
  • This should be given to Yorkies that are at least ten months old or older.
  • You can choose to have the product in a can or pooch.
  • Your dog will get all the necessary nutrition it needs and then some. The food is full of omegas, fiber, and biotin.

Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs

This is a highly recommended product among small breed dog owners. This wet food is made to be grain-free, so it is perfect for your dog that has issues with grains. The food from Cesars also uses meat as its first ingredient to ensure your dog is getting a lot of protein and a healthy diet.

This brand offers a variety of different flavors and value packs that will save you more money. You can choose to get a 12-pack or a 24-pack. Each tray is filled with 3.5 ounces of food. Remember to feed your Yorkie this food according to its weight. You can use this on its own or mixed with your dog’s favorite dry food.


  • Cesar wet dog food has been created without the use of grains, and their foods will use meat as their first ingredient in their foods.
  • Their wet food has been designed to be a complete meal, so you can choose to serve your dog that or a combination of wet and dry food.
  • This wet food is perfect for small-breed dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier, and it is fortified with a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • Cesar dog food is made in the USA.
  • They have so many different flavors for you to choose from, as well as some variety packs that come with four different flavors.

Solid Gold Small & Toy Breed Wet Food

Solid Gold is a company that is very popular. They pride themselves on being a natural and holistic pet food for dogs. This specific product is designed for toy and small dog breeds. This is a grain-free, gluten-free, and artificial-free wet dog food.

One of the best things is that this product can be used to feed your puppy as well as an adult dog. This makes this product the best wet food for Yorkie puppies. These easy cups can be opened and served just like that, or you can portion out some of it for your dog. Solid Gold also has a variety of different meat options to choose from, such as lamb, salmon, turkey, and chicken.


  • This food from Solid Gold is created for puppies and adults.
  • This brand is all about creating very healthy food that is natural, holistic, and grain-free.
  • You can choose to give this to your dog by itself, or you can combine it with your dog’s favorite dry food.
  • This is a complete nutrition formula, so you do not have to serve it with anything else If you do not want to.
  • Solid Gold food is free from various fillers found in most dog foods, such as corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, etc.
  • Variety of different meat options to choose from.
  • The food comes in little cups that contain 3.5 ounces of food.

Blue Buffalo Delights Natural Adult Small Breed Wet Dog Food Cups

Another option for you to look at is the one created by Blue Buffalo. They have various high-quality food products, but this one is a wet food pate. This pate comes in various flavors, and this company uses meat as the first ingredient.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes in a single-use portion. So, you can figure out how much to feed your dog per its weight. You can choose to feed this to your dog on its own or mix it. Keep in mind if you go exclusively feeding this wet food to your dog and it is bigger, you may go through multiple cups of food.


  • The first ingredient comes from meat, and the type of meat will depend on the flavor you choose for your dog.
  • Perfectly portioned for small breed dogs inside of cups or trays.
  • Blue Buffalo is a brand that prides itself on creating natural and healthy dog food that will give your dog complete nutrition.
  • Free from fillers such as corn, wheat, soy, meat by-products, artificial flavors, and preservatives.
  • 114 calories per cup.
  • Variety of flavors to choose from.

Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain Free Small Breed Wet Dog Food

Another contender is the wet food made by Merrick’s. This is not a pate form but rather little chopped-up pieces accompanied by gravy. There are various flavors, such as Texas tips, duck, beef stew, and many more.

This is a 3.5-ounce cup that can be given to your dog. Remember, it will give your dog balanced nutrition; make sure you are feeding it the correct amount based on its weight. This is a grain-free formula as well as it is free from fillers that are in some dog foods. These containers come in a 12-pack, and you can choose to get all of one flavor or a variety pack with three different flavors.


  • Dog food that has been chopped up finely with little bits in it as well as gravy.
  • This protein-rich dog food means that the first ingredient will come from a meat source.
  • There are a lot of flavors as well as a variety packs to choose from. Any option you choose from will come with 12 cups or trays.
  • This is a grain-free dog food.
  • One variety can be used for puppies.

Purina Beneful Small Breed Wet Dog Food

Purina is a well-known company that makes a lot of different dog foods. One of their brands is called Purina Beneful. This is a small-bite dog food that is formulated for small dogs. It is full of high protein, which will help create strong muscles in your tiny dog.

The food is also packed with complete nutrition, with added vitamins and minerals. It is specially formulated for the overall health of my dog. It provides a balanced diet that helps support healthy digestion, strong teeth, and bones, as well as a shiny coat.

This is a very affordable dog food brand that is perfect for small-breed dogs. It can be eaten by itself by your dog or combined with other food. This is one of the best pet food options; that is why I had to put it on our list of the best wet food for Yorkies.


  • Purina Beneful can be used as a complete dog food; however, you can mix it with dry dog food if you desire.
  • Each variety comes with veggies such as tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.
  • Contains high protein for healthy bones and muscles.
Wet Food For Yorkies


This section will find a few common questions about Yorkies eating wet dog food.

What Wet Food is Best for Yorkie Puppies?

If you have a Yorkie puppy, you can feed it the Solid Gold small dog food. This will be perfect for the growing puppy. You can even use it into your dog’s adulthood. The food has been chopped up into small pieces and covered in gravy. This will give your puppy complete nutrition; that is why it is the perfect option for the best wet food for Yorkie puppies.

Is Wet Food Good for Yorkies?

Both wet and dry food will be sufficient for Yorkies. Dry food acts as a toothbrush; when your Yorkie chews on the dry food, it will grind down plaque and food particles from your dog’s teeth. Wet food is great if your dog is older or is a picky eater. Dogs will typically find the taste of wet food more appealing than dry food.

How Much Wet Food Should I Feed my Yorkie?

The amount of food that you feed your dog will be based on your dog’s weight. You can choose to do a wet and dry food combination or exclusively feed your toy Yorkie wet food. Most likely, your Yorkie will need one cup of high-quality food per day. Break this amount of food into smaller meals.

If you feed your dog wet food, you will likely need to feed your dog 8 ounces of wet food daily. This will be around two and a half trays. Ensure you always check your dog’s weight first to see how much food should be given.

Can Yorkies Eat Dry Dog Food?

Yes, Yorkies can eat dry dog food, but it is much more processed than wet dog food. Dry dog food may help clean your dog’s teeth. Wet dog food is excellent for Yorkies who have trouble eating or ones that are missing teeth. Wet food can also be more expensive than dry dog food. Overall, your Yorkshire Terrier can eat both wet and dry dog food.

What Should I Not Feed my Yorkie?

There are a variety of things that you should never feed your Yorkie. I actually created an entire article on it. It is called Yorkie foods to avoid, and I have made an entire list of foods you should never give your Yorkie and some alternative human food to feed your dog.


Feeding your Yorkie doesn’t need to be complicated. You need to know precisely the nutrition your Yorkie needs. All of the wet food products above will give your Yorkie all the essential components it needs for a healthy diet. If you have ever tried any of these dog food brands, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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