About The Mountain Cur, Temperament, Puppies, and More!

The Mountain Cur dog breed feels the best out in a rural setting. This energetic working dog loves to run around and would prefer a big yard to play in. This breed makes an exceptional family dog and will work hard to keep you, the owner, happy.

All About Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix

The Mountain Cur Pitbull mix combines the Mountain Cur and the American Pitbull Terrier together. This is a very active breed that will need a lot of exercise. This breed can be used for various jobs or even just as a family companion. You can learn about the Cur Pitbull mix here.

Where to Find Mountain Cur Puppies for Sale

As you know, the Mountain Cur is a very good breed of hunting dog in the United States. Since it is so widely popular, it can be quite hard to find. Here are some places you can start your search.