Corgipoo: Corgi Toy Poodle Mix

CorgipooThe Corgipoo dog is a cross between the Corgi and the Toy Poodle. This dog falls under the category of herding dogs, however, they were not bred for this purpose.

These dogs have become common over the last few decades, and if this is the dog that you desire, it is easily available. They are often used as watchdogs due to their alertness and, in some cases, even military work due to their intelligence.

These are generally smaller dogs, but despite their size, they are very loving and full of energy.

Although they are smart and easy to train, they do have a mischievous side and will sometimes break the rules to get attention.

Corgipoo History

Before first learning about the history of the Corgipoo, you need to look at the parents of this breed’s history. The Poodle has a very long line of history dating as far back as the 15th and also the 16th century. 

The Poodle was developed and descended from European water dogs in France. The Poodle has had a wide variety of jobs such as duck hunters, performance dog in circus acts, and a nobles housepet. This breed was finally brought over to the United States after World War Two. 

You may know a little bit about the famous Welsh Corgi because of Queen Elizabeth, the second in England. She has had this dog breed since the 1930s, and this helped give this breed its popularity around the world.

The Welsh Corgi has actually been around since the Viking era, which was a very long time ago. This breed was actually developed by breeding two different Corgi types together. 

This hybrid mixed breed later was breed together to make the Corgipoo.

Corgipoo Infographic

Corgi Toy Poodle Mix Appearance

Although the Corgipoo is a petite dog, they are strong, sturdy dogs that have short legs. Depending on how much they inherit from their parents will depend on their appearance, and it is not unusual for a number of Corgipoos from the same litter to look totally different from one another.

Like the Poodle, they generally have floppier ears. Their heads are typically round with dark heavy, set almond-shaped eyes. They have shorter muzzles generally, which may cause a few breathing problems.

Corgipoos have double coats that are of an average length. The outer layer of its hair is thick, wiry, and water-resistant protecting them from different weather conditions, especially cooler weather.

Their coats have no typical color, and they can range in colors that include: sable, brindle, black, red, white, or even blue merle.

If they do not suffer from any hereditary disease or illness, their average life expectancy is between 12-14 years.

Coat of the Corgipoo

The coat of this mixed breed is very different and unique from other dog breeds. The coat can either come in long or short, but most likely, the coat will be very curly.

The Welsh Corgi has a naturally thick double coat, and when it is combined with the Poodles very curly coat, this outcome is usually a very curly, thick double coat dog.

This dog breed will shed but depending on which parent the dog takes after most will depend on how much it sheds. If it is like the Poodle the dog will be mostly okay with people who suffer from allergies, On the other hand, if it takes after the Corgi parent then it will shed more and not be hypoallergenic. 

What colors do they come in?

This popular mixed breed can come in a few different colors such as:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Cream Colors
  • Browns
  • Red Hues

Typically you will find this breeds nose color to be black with most likely brown eyes. Sometimes the color of your dog’s eyes to be lighter but it is rather rare.

Corgipoo Size

The average Corgipoo is small and weighs on average between 12-27 lbs and measures 10-12 inches in height.

Both the Females and males will weight around the same with the adjustment of a few pounds lighter or heavier.

Corgi Poodle Mix

Corgi Toy Poodle Mix Health Problems

The Corgipoo is generally a healthy mixed-breed dog, but in some cases, like with all hybrid dogs, they can inherit health conditions from their parents.

Typical health conditions that your dog could inherit from its parents include:

  • PRA
  • Ear infections due to wax buildup
  • Skin conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Bloat
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Glaucoma

Just remember to take your dog to regular check-ups with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is okay. Your vet will closely watch to see if your dog ever develops one of these health conditions.

Life Expectancy of a Corgi Toy Poodle Mix

The Corgipoo will have around a 12-year life span. We base this number off the average number of life span that both the parents of this mixed breed have.

The Welsh Corgi can live between 11 and 13 years of life, and Poodles typically live right around 12 years. So this would make the Corgipoo to have 12 years of life. 

As long as your dog does not have any underlying health conditions then you should have no reason to worry about the life span. 

Corgipoo Temperament

The Corgipoo is a very intelligent dog, just like the Poodle, which makes the breed easy to teach them to be obedient and perform tricks.

These are playful dogs that like a lot of attention, and often they do not do well with other dogs because they want to be the center of attention.

They are curious dogs and have the tendency to be disobedient when they find something that interests them. If they are not the center of attention, they will break the house rules on purpose.

Despite their mischievous and playful side, the Corgipoo is an excellent family dog and loves children and older people. They will often show off their tricks to receive your praise.

They will try to test you and see what they can get away with, and at times your patience will be tried. They need attention and consistent training, and if they get this, your dog will remain happy and a loyal companion.

Corgi Toy Poodle Mix Grooming

The Corgipoo is a low-shedding dog; therefore, unlike the Poodle, it does not require frequent visits to the grooming parlor. If your Corgipoo has a curlier coat like its Poodle parent, it will need daily brushing with a fine bristle comb to keep its fur tangle-free.

Because they are prone to having a buildup of wax in their ears, it’s necessary to check and clean the Corgipoo’s ears with a damp towel to avoid infection.

Corgipoo Exercise

Due to their size, they do not need a huge amount of exercise, and active playtime is sufficient. It is, however, recommended to take your dog out at least once a day to stretch its legs and change its surroundings.

Your Corgipoo will require more mental stimulation rather than physical stimulation, and this can be done with various games and toys.

This breed still needs between 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. You can achieve this goal in many ways through walks and playtime.

This is why a food with a high-quality protein source is essential to keeping your dogs metabolism up when they are burning calories outside.

Corgi Toy Poodle Mix Feeding

This mixed breed is in the medium-sized breed category, and it will need around one cup of high-quality dog food for the entire day. The food will need to be broken up into 3-4 smaller meals.

This will help reduce the risk of obesity and other health concerns such as bloat.  Depending on the quality of the small breed dog food it could cost between $0.90 to $1.10 a day to feed your dog. 

Look for a food that contains a high amount of protein to carb ratio. Remember, this breed will eat all the time, so make sure you are feeding the required amount and not overfeeding.

If you ever have any concerns you should contact your veterinarian to seek some guidance. 

Corgi Toy Poodle Mix Training

Your Corgipoo needs to be trained from a young puppy. It is very intelligent and, therefore, easy to train.

Dog training with your Corgipoo needs to be fair and consistent. Because of their energetic and playful side, it is recommended to take your Corgipoo to a professional dog trainer.

Remember, when you are training your dog, you should always reward positive behavior with lots of praise, love, and of course, treats!

Early socialization is another essential component when training your new Corgipoo. This helps curb behaviors like aggression and promotes healthy socialization with other people, children, and even pets. 

Also, remember when your dog is a puppy, you should keep your training session short to limit distractions. This will help them learn when they need to know in short bursts. 

Corgipoo Suitability and Living Conditions

The Corgipoo is the perfect family pet with small children. They have a lot of energy and therefore would suit a young family that can play a lot with them, especially outdoors.

Its small size means that the Corgipoo is suitable to live in an apartment; however, to keep it mentally stimulated, you will need to take it outdoors a lot to change its surroundings.

Some people use the Corgipoo for herding, but typically it is an indoor pet. The Corgipoo does not adapt well to hotter climes.

Corgipoo Puppies

Corgi Toy Poodle Mix Puppies

The first step in looking for a Corgi Toy Poodle Mix puppy will be to check out local breeders in your area and see if they are reliable and responsible dog owners. Not everyone takes care of their dogs in the way they are supposed to, and you do not want to support someone with your money if they are not a reliable breeder. 

To do this, start by asking questions about the parents of the puppies. Ask to see health reposts, shot records, etc. Also, see if they will let you come to the kennel to look around to see if it’s clean and safe.

Once you have found your reliable breeder, you can start to think about the cost of owning one of these dogs. Since this is a mixed breed the cost of the actual dog is not as expensive as the purebred parent parts. 

You can expect to spend $300 on a low end to up to $1,000 on the higher end. Some breeders may even charge more. If they are, make sure you ask what you are getting besides the dog for that amount of money. Some breeders include supplies, food, and even the first medical exam in their price. 

Don’t forget that the expenses do not stop there. Make sure you can budget for supplies as well as medical care each year for your dog. These are all things you will need to do to make sure your puppy is fully taken care of. 

Sometimes you can find mixed breeds in rescues. It is always a great choice when someone decided to adopt a dog from a rescue. This will save the life of a dog but it will be very rare to find a puppy in a rescue. 

Corgipoo Litter Size

There is no exact amount of puppies that your Corgipoo may have but you can expect right around 4-8 puppies per litter. Some litters may have more puppies while some may even have less it really all depends. 

Close relatives of the Corgipoo

There are a few breeds that act like and closely resemble this mixed breed, they are:

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