Meet Dr. Abdul Basit Javed: The Veterinarian on a Mission to Provide Accurate and Vet-Approved Advice for Pet Parents in 2023

Dr. Javed

Medical Advisor: Dr. Abdul Javed’s Biography

Introducing Dogables’ new medical advisor and veterinarian, Dr. Abdul Basit Javed – a passionate animal lover and veterinary expert. With deep love and respect for all animals, Dr. Javed pursued his passion by becoming a Veterinarian, graduating from the Riphah College of Veterinary Sciences in Lahore, Pakistan.

Dr. Javed’s experience in small animal practice has provided him with practical skills and hands-on surgical experience working with various animals, including livestock, avians, household pets, and exotics. Currently, he is serving as a small animal veterinarian at Alpha Pet Care Clinic in Islamabad, where he is known for his dedication and care toward his animal patients and their families.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Javed has always been passionate about educating pet owners and providing them with accurate, vet-approved advice to ensure their pets are healthy and happy. His frustration with the inaccuracies and misleading online information inspired him to found PetVet Advice, where pet owners and animal lovers can find reliable advice on every aspect of their pet’s life.

At PetVet Advice, Dr. Javed’s goal is to provide a trusted source of information for pet parents and animal lovers to make informed decisions and take better care of their beloved pets. With his vast experience and expertise in veterinary medicine, Dr. Javed is committed to offering the most reliable and up-to-date information to help pet parents and their furry friends thrive.

In summary, Dogables is thrilled to welcome Dr. Abdul Basit Javed as its new medical advisor. We are confident that his expertise, dedication, and love for animals will give our readers valuable insights and advice on pet care.

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