Can Dogs Eat Basil?

Anytime you want to give your dog a new food, you have to be very careful because most food items are toxic for dogs. Many dog owners wonder can dogs eat basil? Is the basil herb safe for dogs? This article will explore this topic in great detail and tell you everything you need to know about giving your dog basil.

Can Dogs Eat Basil

Can Dogs Eat Basil?

It is completely safe to feed your dog basil. Some spices can be toxic for dogs, but thankfully basil is not one of them. This delicious herb is actually full of vitamins and minerals that make it very beneficial to dogs.

Basil is also low in calories, making it a healthier option to add to your pup’s food instead of other things.  We will go into greater detail about the benefits of basil for your dog below.

When giving your dog basil for the first time, do it slowly and in small amounts. Also, give it to your dog on its own to rule out any allergy your dog may have to it. Dogs can get allergies to almost anything food related, always start off slow to be on the safe side.

If you see that your dog is developing some side effects such as:

  • Itchy Skin
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

You should stop giving your dog the food and call your veterinarian to see what you need to do.

Can Dogs Eat Basil Leaves?

Yes, your dog can eat the entire leaf of the basil. It can eat the leaf in the raw form right off of the plant or even the dried seasoning. When giving your dog, the dried basil, make sure it is combined with other seasonings and that it is only 100% basil.

Is Basil Good For Dogs

Is Basil Good for Dogs?

Yes, basil has some great health benefits for our dogs as well as us. It can be digested in the raw, cooked, or even dried form giving your dog a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Basil helps prevent cell damage and also contains high amounts of antioxidants. We now know that antioxidants are cancer fighting, and it will also contribute to the prevention of cell damage. These antioxidants help to destroy free radicals that can harm the cell inside of your body.

Reduces Inflammation

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties, which actually helps older dogs with certain conditions such as arthritis or even joint pain. The basil won’t be able to alive your dogs’ pain all together, but it can make your dog feel slightly more comfortable.

Calming Effect

Basil has a natural calming effect. When your dog is anxious or having anxiety due to a car ride or even going to a new place, you can give your dog some basil to help calm it down. This herb naturally has a calming effect to help you have less anxiety.

How to Serve Basil to your Dog

Again, whenever you give your dog a new food, you want to introduce it slowly and in small amounts. Dogs can have allergic reactions to foods, so to be on the safe side and give it to your dog by itself and wait to give more to see if a reaction happens.

You also don’t want to overdo it with the basil. While basil is nontoxic for dogs and completely safe, dogs shouldn’t eat tons of basil as its only source of food. Moderation is the key when it comes to feeding a dog anything.

Give basil to your dog sprinkled on its regular dog food. You can mix it in or just put it on top. Feel free to use fresh or dried basil; both will work.

Other Herbs that are Safe for Dogs

There are some other herbs/seasonings that are completely safe for your dog to consume. Those are:

  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Cilantro
  • Dill for pickles
  • Sage
  • Thyme
Can Dogs Eat Basil Pesto

Can Dogs Eat Basil Pesto?

Pesto is made from basil and a few other ingredients to create a sauce that can be eaten on top of pasta or even on pieces of bread. Dogs can eat pesto if it is made with dog safe ingredients.

Most store bought pestos are unsafe for dogs because they contain a lot of other ingredients, such as garlic which is highly toxic to dogs.

So, if you plan on giving your dog pesto from the grocery store that has a lot of added ingredients in it, then you shouldn’t give it to your dog.

You can make your own pesto at home that is completely safe for your dog to digest. A simple pesto combines basil, pine nuts, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. These ingredients are safe for dogs. Put everything into a food processor and blitz to create the dog safe pesto sauce.

Can Dogs Have Thai Basil?

Yes, your dog can enjoy the Thai basil variety; just remember the main difference between Thai basil and regular basil is that the Thai variety is sweeter. Regular basil has a pepper taste. Again, remember to give your dog basil in small amounts.

Can Dogs Have Sweet Basil?

Yes, your dog can enjoy the sweet basil variety. Sweet basil is obviously sweeter than the regular variety. Keep this in mind as you don’t want to give your dog too much sweetness added into their food.

Keep giving your dog its regular food and mix in a small amount of basil; that way, your dog can get the wonderful benefits.

Can Dogs Have Basil in Tomato Sauce?

Dogs can have tomato sauce, but it needs to be plain sauce without all the added seasonings that most people put into homemade sauce and jarred sauce. Once you have a plain tomato sauce, you can add dried basil or even fresh basil into it.

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Now you know the answer to the age-old question can dogs eat basil. Basil is a great herb that not only tastes great but provides your dog with some excellent health benefits.

Basil is non-toxic and completely safe for your pooch to consume. Just remember to feed your dog basil in moderation; that way, your dog is still getting its optimal nutrition from its dog food.

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