Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass?

Dogs that munch on grass is very common, and it is a dog’s way of getting more nutrition. Unfortunately, grass is not good for dogs unless it is wheatgrass. In this article, we will answer the question of can dogs eat wheatgrass. Keep reading on to learn about the wonderful benefits your dog will gain by eating wheatgrass.

Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass

What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is simply what it sounds like grass from a wheat plant. This gets harvested before the plant grows any seeds, and it is gluten-free. So, if someone you know cannot have gluten in their diet, they can enjoy wheatgrass.

Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass?

Yes, dogs and even cats can safely eat wheatgrass. Wheatgrass actually contains a lot of nutrients that will be very beneficial to you and your dog.

A long time ago, dogs would eat grasses grown in the wild to add to their diet, giving them more nutrients. Unfortunately, as dogs were domesticated, these leafy greens have left their diet. That is why you sometimes see your dog eating plants and grasses in your yard.

These grasses that your dog is eating is most likely not good for it, and it could be covered in chemicals from keeping the yard maintained. Growing a separate pot or garden bed of wheatgrass would greatly benefit your dog.

Is Wheatgrass Good for Dogs?

Yes, wheatgrass is good for dogs. It can help give your dog nutrients that it hasn’t had in its diet or nutrients your dog is lacking. Dogs also like to eat grass to help with stomach upset. So, wheatgrass will do the same thing to help to soothe your dog’s upset stomach.

Wheatgrass is safer for dogs than other grasses because some wild grass plants you may have growing could contain toxic chemicals. The grass in your yard could have pesticides, super growth formula, or even fertilizers on it that would not be safe for dogs.

Benefits of Wheatgrass for Dogs

Benefits of Wheatgrass for Dogs

You may be wondering what are the benefits of wheatgrass for dogs? Well, I’m going to dive into all the things that this grass will do for your dog as well as you.

Antioxidant Rich

There is an enzyme inside of wheatgrass that can actually remove and destroy free radicals; it is called dismutase. It helps to detox the oxidations of fats inside your body and your dogs. These free radicals can create cancer.

Another antioxidant that wheatgrass contains is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is very important as it will wash out toxins inside of the body. You will also notice that the chlorophyll has a fresh breath smell which is great if your dog has smelly dog breath.

Helps Digestion

Does your dog have a lot of digestive issues? Did you just say yes? Well, dogs can develop stomach issues easily due to bloat or poor nutrition. One way to help your dog with its gut-related issues is by giving your dog more fiber.

Thankfully, wheatgrass has impressive amounts of fiber inside of it. Even giving your dog small amounts can help your dog digest its food and use the bathroom more regularly.

Immunity Boosting

Wheatgrass contains vitamin C, which is known to help fight off infections and boost the immunity. Dogs don’t get very many ailments, but you can prevent your dog from getting sick, bacterial infections, or disease with increased vitamin C.

Nutrient Dense

There are so many more nutrients inside wheatgrass that I have a made a list of benefits your dog will get below:

  • Helps digestion
  • Energy Boosting
  • Great source of antioxidants
  • Freshens the breath of your dog
  • Immunity boosting
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Anti-aging
  • Reduces free radicals

Side Effects of Wheatgrass for Dogs

You may be wondering what the catch is; all these great benefits for dogs, what is the negative? In all honestly, nothing! Wheatgrass is completely safe to give your dog but keep in mind to always feed your dog in moderation.

You can choose to juice or simply cut the grass up for your dog but remember to do it in moderation. Never replace your dog’s food with anything; you can simply enhance your dog’s food with other things such as wheatgrass, fruits, or vegetables.

Can Dogs Have Wheatgrass Juice

How Much Wheatgrass Should I Give a Dog?

As I said above, it is very important to feed your dog in moderation and not necessarily by itself. Add the wheatgrass to your dog’s food, treats, or even water.

Dogs Food

When you give your dog it’s wet or dry food, you can finely chop some wheatgrass and mix it in with your dog’s food. If you put some grass just on the top of your dog’s food, it may not like the taste and be put off by it.

Chop the grass up smaller, chances are your dog will eat it without complaint. If you make homemade dog treats, you can also add in some chopped up into literally any treat.

Dogs Water

Many people know about juicing wheatgrass, and you still get all the amazing benefits but in a small little amount of liquid. It is important to know that there won’t be as many nutrients in the juice after twenty minutes.

The wheatgrass juice is more concentrated than just eating a few blades, so less is more in this case. Add a small amount to your dogs’ water; that way, it can still receive the nutritional benefits.

How to Grow Wheatgrass for Dogs

The best way to acquire wheatgrass is to grow it yourself. You can do this outside in your yard, in a raised garden bed, or even inside of a planter. If you decide to grow it outside in the yard, find a place that has good sunlight.

It is important that you do not spray the wheatgrass with any pesticides or chemical products that make the wheatgrass grow quicker. This could potentially make your dog sick if it ingests it.

Take your wheatgrass seeds and soak them in some water overnight. This will activate the growing process. You should start to see a tiny small green sprout. That means you can now place the seed in the area you will be growing it.

Water your plant as needed, and you will be ready to cut when the grass is between 7 to 10 inches in length. You can then fix the wheatgrass any way you want for your dog. Wheatgrass can regrow after it has been cut.

Wheatgrass Powder For Dogs

Wheatgrass Powder for Dogs

You can definitely give our dog wheatgrass powder and mix it with water or your dog’s food. It will work effectively in providing your dog with some extra nutrition.

In my opinion, the real deal wheatgrass would be much more beneficial for your dog. If you can, I highly suggest growing your own for your dog to eat.


It’s always great when you find something super healthy that your dog can enjoy. Wheatgrass will give your dog so many benefits. You will be so glad that you found my can dogs eat wheatgrass article. Have you ever had wheatgrass or given it to your dog? Let us know in the comments below.

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