Where to Find Queensland Heeler Puppies for Sale

Looking for your next perfect dog breed? Why not check out some information about the breed the Queensland Healer. This is a high energy family dog that will become the perfect new addition to your home.

Puppy Outside

When Can Puppies Go Outside?

Did you just get your puppy home finally after waiting so long for those eight weeks to get here? You may be wondering when your puppy can go outside. Let me help you that way; your puppy doesn’t get sick from the outside elements.

Whoodle Puppies for Sale

Where to Find Whoodle Puppies for Sale

The Whoodle is a relatively new mixed breed as it was just developed in the 19th century. Not many breeders breed a Poodle and a Wheaten Terrier together. Here we have some resources for you to look at to find yourself a Whoodle puppy for sale.


Where to Find Goberian Puppies for Sale

The Goberian came about in the early 2000s. Since this is a newer breed, it may be challenging to find a Goberian puppy for sale. You can find some for sale here!

Where to Find Spanish Mastiff Puppies for Sale

Mastiff breeds are so popular due to some Hollywood movies that sport this dog breed. The Spanish Mastiff is from Spain, and now they are here in the United States but can still be hard to find a breeder for. Here is a list of a few breeders.

Where to Find Tosa Inu Puppies for Sale? | Dogable.net

The Tosa Inu was originally bred in Japan as a fighting dog. Tosa Inu can also be very dangerous if they are bred to pick up those fighting habits. Many breeders today do not believe in training their Tosa Inus to do that.

Where to Find Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Puppies for Sale

You can date the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog back to the 1800s. This dog was designed to help on the plantations during that time. They are very protective dogs known to guard homes and yards. Here are a few places you can find Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Puppies for sale.

Where to Find King Shepherd Puppies for Sale

The King Shepherd breed is still relatively new, so there are not as many breeders as other dog breeds. Here you can find a few breeders that specialize in breeding the King Shepherd and selling their puppies.