All About the Whippet Pitbull Mix

The Pit Whippet is a very rare mixed dog breed that combines the famous Whippet and a Pitbull together. This is a designer dog breed that likely started in the 1990s during the dog breeding craze.

The Whippet Pitbull mix is designed to be a companion dog that is in the medium-sized dog category.

Many people think that anything mixed with a Pitbull will be aggressive, but that is not the case. This mixed breed is a very kind, loving, and loyal companion that will always be right by your side.

This is a very athletic dog breed that will need plenty of exercise and outside time.

Still interested? Want to learn more about the Whippet Pitbull mix? Keep reading on to learn about temperament, exercise requirements, and feeding all here in this article.

Whippet And Pitbull Together

Whippet Pitbull Mix History

There isn’t much known about the Whippet Pitbull mix in regards to the history. It must have been first crossed together due to accidental breeding. This was likely done in the early 2000s.

Since we do not know very much information on the history of the mix, let’s learn about the history of the parents that make up the mix.


The Whippet is known as the cousin to the Greyhound. The Whippet is a slightly smaller version but still fast like the Greyhound. This breed was made by combing a Greyhound, and some sort of terrier breed popular back in the 1800s.

These dogs were used quite a lot in hunting small animals such as rabbits. They are known for their great agility and fast speed during hunting. This breed earned a reputation as a poor man’s Greyhound since it was a more affordable version and not as fast.

The Whippet sill makes it on the list of one of the fastest dog breeds in the world so this is a swift dog breed. Whippets were eventually brought to the United States in the late 1880s, and it was used to work in mills.

The AKC recognized the breed as a purebred in 1888. Whippets have a huge following today, and many people get this dog breed for racing and companionship.


The American Pitbull Terrier also has a fascinating history. This breed also dates back to the 1800s in England, where it was used for various jobs such as fighting and even bull baiting.

Eventually, this cruel act was outlawed because a lot of dogs got hurt doing these jobs. Some people still try to use Pitbulls for fighting, but now they can get in trouble for it.

The American Pitbull Terrier eventually was brought to the United States, where it became a guard dog on farms to watch over livestock.

Now Pitbulls are in various homes across the world, and there are a variety of Pitbull mixes.

Pitbull Whippet Mix Appearance

The appearance of your Pitbull Whippet will vary significantly on which traits your dog takes from which parent. Likely your Pit Whip will weigh between 25 to 60 pounds.

The Pit Whip’s face will be narrow with a large muzzle and a big nose like the Pitbull parent. The whippet usually has a much smaller nose.

Your Pitbull Whippet can either have a very muscular body or a skinny framed body like the Whippet. This will really just depend on the trait your dog takes.

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Whippet Pitbull Mix Temperament

The temperament of your dog will also progress over time as you raise it. Depending on how you are with dogs will give your dogs certain traits.

This mix is naturally loyal and protective of its owners. They make great companion dogs and really like to please their owners.

You will need to keep in mind that it is imperative to socialize your mix as you don’t want your dog to be frightened by new people or experiences.

It will also be a good idea to start some training as this mix can be stubborn so teaching your dog basic commands and obedience is very important.

Overall many people think Pitbulls can be aggressive, but that’s a misconception as it’s all in how the dog is raised. Remember to love and teach your dog to be very friendly with people and other animals.

Pitbull Whippet Coat

Both the Pitbull and the Whippet have short-haired coats naturally. The thickness of these short-haired coats can range from slightly thick to really thick.

The good news is the coat is very low maintenance, and it is suitable for hot and cold weather, just not extreme winter weather climates.

The coat can also come in a variety of colors which will see in the next section below. Your dog can take on one or more coat colors.

What Colors Do They Come In?

This mixed dog breed can come in a variety of different colors such as:

  • Tan
  • Brindle
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Fawn
  • Grey
  • Blue Hues

Pitbull And Whippet Together

Whippet Pitbull Mix Size

The Whippet Pitbull mix can vary in weight and height depending on characteristics taken from each parent. You will likely get a medium-sized dog breed.

The Pitbull can weigh between 35-65 pounds, and a Whippet can weigh between 15-30 pounds.

So when you mix these two breeds together, you will likely have a small to medium-sized dog breed weighing at least 30 pounds.

The height of a Pitbull spans 18-21 inches, and a whippet spans 19-22 inches. you will have a mix that spans between 18-22 inches.

Pit Whippet Health Problems

There are a few conditions that your Pit Whippet may possibly inherit, they are:

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia – This is a condition in which the hip has been deformed, or the elbow has not grown properly, so it doesn’t fit snuggly in the bone it is designed to fit inside of.

Bloat – Bloat is a more serious condition that is very common among larger breed dogs. This is where your dog overeats, and it causes the stomach to bloat and twist, which can cause your dog serious pain.

Skin Allergies – Pitbulls are prone to skin allergies. The Pitbull skin is very sensitive, and even the slightest thing that touches your dog’s skin may irritate it. Pitbulls need a sensitive shampoo that will soothe the skin and also clean it without making your dog allergic.

Hypothyroidism – This is a condition that will need to be treated with medication, but it affects the dog’s thyroid and puts it off balance, which can make your dog gain an excessive amount of weight.

Keep in mind your dog may not inherit any of these conditions. It is just important when considering any dog breed for purchase that you know the possible health conditions that could arise.

If you ever have doubts about your dog’s health, consult a veterinarian.

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Life Expectancy of a Whippet Pitbull Mix

When you mix two purebred breeds together, you will usually create a mix that will live longer than the purebred parents.

The Whippet can live between 12 to 15 years, and the Pitbull can live between 8 to 15 years.

With this information, you can expect your Whippet Pitbull mix to live between 10-15 years.

This is just an estimate so remember that some dogs can live longer than others. Make sure if you are ever concerned that you take your dog to a veterinarian to make sure your dog is healthy.

Living Conditions

This mixed dog breed needs an owner who has experience with larger dog breeds and will be able to devote enough attention each day to it.

An owner with good dog training experience would also be ideal as this mix can be stubborn when first starting training.

Pitbull Whippet Exercise

The Pitbull Whippet is a very high energy dog that will need to burn a lot of calories each day just to tire itself out. Your dog will need around sixty minutes of exercise each day.

You can break up this exercise requirement into two sections, one in the morning and one later in the evening. You can take your dog on a variety of exercise-related activities.

Toys are another great way to keep your dog occupied when you can’t get outside. If you leave your dog inactive for long periods of time, it can make your dog exhibit bad behavior. Your dog may chew up things or even rip things apart.

A fenced yard is a good thing to have as your Pitbull Whippet can run around whenever it wants to and get some mild exercise instead of being bored inside of the house.

Whippet Pitbull Mix

Whippet Pitbull Mix Feeding

With any mixed breed, it can be difficult to determine the amount of food your dog needs. You can’t just feed Your Whippet Pitbull mix the same amount you would feed the Pitbull parent or Whippet parent.

The recommended amount of food your dog needs is based upon weight. We know the Whippet Pitbull mix is a medium-sized dog breed that can weigh between 30 to 65 pounds.

With that being said, your dog will need two to three cups of quality dog food with a main source of protein in it each day. To get more specific feeding instructions, you will need to consult with your veterinarian.

Remember to break up the daily dog food amount into smaller meals throughout the day to reduce your dog’s chances of getting bloat.

Also, only give your dog the required amount of food as if you overfeed your dog, it can lead to obesity. This is a very active dog breed, and your dog may burn a lot of calories, which will, in turn, make your dog hungrier.

Pitbull Whippet Mix Grooming

Luckily the Pitbull Whippet mix will not shed very often due to its short coat. Even though the breed is more low maintenance when it comes to shedding, it will still need to be brushed often.

Brushing your dog once a week will grab any loose hairs that will eventually shed out, and it will keep the coat looking shiny and smooth.

If you don’t already know Pitbulls are prone to sensitive skin issues, so keep this in mind when purchasing skin products for your dog, such as shampoos and conditioners.

Check-in your dog’s ear regularly to ensure your dog doesn’t have an ear infection. You will also want to check the rest of your dog’s body to make sure your dog doesn’t have any rashes or sores due to skin allergies.

Brushing your Pitbull Whippet’s teeth doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Do this every time you groom your dog to avoid plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth.

Whippet Pitbull Mix Training

This is a very intelligent mixed breed, but it is important to obedience train this breed as it can misbehave. This will teach your dog to behave when in the house or when outside at a dog park with other dogs.

Start training early to combat any aggression that your dog may have. It is also important to train this breed early because it can be very stubborn. Even though this mix is intelligent, it can take longer to train since it is stubborn.

Once you get going with training, it will get easier and easier, and your dog will start to pick up on commands and tricks.

Always train with positive reinforcement, whether that is with treats, praise, or even with a new toy. Be patient with your dog and start training when your Whippet Pitbull mix is a puppy.

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Whippet Pitbull Mix Puppies

The Whippet Pitbull mix is kind of a rare breed to acquire. There are not a whole lot of breeders out there that breed Whippets and Pitbulls.

Look around for a breeder instead of going with a puppy mill or even a pet store like they have inside the mall. Look for a reputable breeder that specializes in breeding one of the parent breeds above.

A Whippet Pitbull mix is quite rare to find a breeder for, and I am unsure how much a Whippet Pitbull mix puppy would cost because they are not always available.

When you finally find a reputable breeder, make sure to ask about the parents’ health and see if you can go visit the kennel to view the mother of your soon-to-be puppy.

Whippet Pitbull Mix Litter Size

The Whippet can have between five and seven puppies in a litter. The American Pitbull Terrier can have between five and ten puppies in a litter.

With that knowledge of these two purebred breeds, you can expect a Whippet Pitbull mix to have around five to eight puppies in a litter.

Some female dogs can certainly have more puppies than that, as some can have less.


A home with a large fenced in yard would be perfect for the Pit Whippet. A small apartment or condo would be okay for a while, but this is a medium-sized dog breed that needs a lot of space to roam around.

If your puppy grows up with children from a young age then it will be suitable for kids of all ages. If your dog is older and has never been around kids, then it may be challenging for your dog to get used to.

This dog also requires a lot of exercise so if you cannot give your dog over thirty minutes to an hour of exercise each day then you may need to pick a different dog breed.

Close relatives of the Pit Whippet

Below are some breeds both purebred and mixed that are similar to the Pit Whippet:

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  1. Got my whippet pit mix from humane society. Love her. She is nothing like what her paperwork said. Most of the time she stays right next to me and sleeps as near to me as possible.

    • I also got mine from a humane society. I always had purebred German Shepherds prior to my Audi. Audi is a dream dog (baby). She was about 6 months old when I got her. Now about 6 years. She is the kindest, gentlest, loving baby. So smart! No behavior problems. What a perfect mix!

  2. We also adopted ours from the Humane Society. She was 1 year old at adoption. She had already been returned due to high energy needs. We welcomed the challenge. She’s been a member of our family for a year and a half now. She is so smart! Gets her own ice on hot days, loves going out on the boat, loves dock diving. She doesn’t do well with other dogs so we just know that and try to keep her in her own space. I assume because we got her too late the socialization doesn’t go well. She sleeps right next to us and when we are home is quite literally by our sides. She’s a great girl.

  3. Recently had to say goodbye to my 11 YO Whippet/Pit mix. She was adopted from a rescue at 15 weeks. She was the BEST!
    Anyone know of a breeder?

  4. My pitpit will be turning 11 in May 2023. He is the best service dog that I have ever had. I think the longest we have ever been separated was 6 hours when he went into the vets for his teeth to be done. They are a very strong and loyal pooch. I have had him since he was 5 weeks old.
    I am looking for another one come this spring so that Petrol can become a couch potato as he is starting to show his age. Also easier to train a pup with an experienced pooch around. They are very willing to please and I found very easy to train. Hell he’s still learning stupid dog tricks. When I taught him to speak on command, it took him maybe all of 5 minutes. Also is voice and hand signal trained. Phenomenal K9.


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