More About the Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix aka Scoodle

Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix

The Scottish Terrier Poodle mix is an average-sized dog, which is more commonly known as the Scoodle.  Other names for the Scoodle include the Scottiepoo or the Scottish Shoodle.

The appearance of the Scoodle can vary depending on what it inherits from its parents.  The coat of the Scoodle is medium to long, and it can be straight, wavy, or curly.

These low shedding dogs come in solid black, wheaten, and sometimes have small colored markings of white and silver.

Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix History

Let’s dive into the history of the Scoodle; before we can talk about the history of this mixed breed, we need to dive deeper into the history of the Scottish Terrier and the Poodle.

The Scottish Terrier hails from Scotland and was initially used in the beginning to hunt smaller animals such as vermin. The first known historical record of this breed was written down by the bishop John Lesley in the 1400s.

Queen Victoria was also very fond of these dogs, and even other famous people throughout history owned a Scottish Terrier. You can still get your hand on one of these amazing dogs today!

The Poodle is still unknown, whether it truly hails from France because some people believe that the Poodle comes from Germany. We do know that yes, the Poodle did eventually make its way to France and gained extreme popularity there.

The Poodle had skills in a variety of different things such as hunting ducks, tracking animals, and later Poodles did performances in the circus. Later on, the Poodle was brought to other countries as well as the United States.

Now, these two purebred breeds were not bred together until the late 2000s. So this is still a relatively new mixed breed. It is not known who first started breeding these two breeds together.

Scoodle Appearance

The first thing you will notice about this breed is that it is a small to mostly medium size dog breed. You will notice that this mixed breed looks like a great mix of both of the parent breeds, the Scottish Terrier and the Poodle.

The size of your dog will ultimately depend on the size of the Poodle parent. There are a few different size variations when it comes to the Poodle, so some mixes of this breed could be bigger while some can also be smaller.

There are multiple different colors that this mixed breed can come in; you will find a full list down below.

Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix Coat

The coat of this dog breed can have such great variety. It can truly be anything. Your dog could have a short, medium, or even long coat length.

The coat can be either straight or curly with a variety of different colors as seen down below.

Most often, this mixed breed will have brown eyes and a black nose.

The body shape of your dog will most likely resemble the Scottish Terrier parent more and the legs will be more of the Poodle parent giving your dog longer length.


What colors do they come in?

Below you will find a variety of colors that this mixed breed can possibly come in:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • White
  • Silver

Scoodle Temperament

These dogs are extremely smart and loyal.  They stay true to their owners and constantly enjoy human companionship.  These dogs are full of life and like to play.

It is has a strong protective nature, and it is courageous in the sense that it would do a lot to protect its family.

While it is a friendly dog, it does not like to be teased and may snap or bark excessively if pushed too far, so care needs to be taken with children.

This energetic dog loves children and can run around for hours playing with them.  Although it is intelligent it can be stubborn and it responds well to positive reinforcement and training with treats.Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix

Scoodle Size

This dog varies in size depending on the dominant breed in the dog.  It can typically weigh between 9-15lbs (4-6.8kg) and has a height of 8-14 inches (20.3-35.5cm).

Scoodle Health Problems

The Scoodle is a relatively healthy dog breed. This breed can inherit some conditions such as:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Blaot
  • Cataracts
  • Luxating Patellas
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Deafness

You should bring your dog to the vet yearly as well if you have any concerns that your dog may have a health concern.

In no way am I saying your dog will have one of these health conditions, but if your dog does consult your vet.

Life Expectancy of a Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix

Both parent breeds of this mixed breed have quite a long lifespan. The Poodle has a long estimated life span from 10-17 years. The Scottish Terrier also has quite a long life span of around 12 years.

So from this information, you can estimate the Scoodle to live between 12 and 15 years.

This is quite a long time because when you look at other mixed dog breeds some don’t live that long.

Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix

Living Conditions

While the Scoodle likes to play outdoors it is ideal to be kept indoors.  Because it is not a big dog living in an apartment or condo is suitable as long as it exercised on a daily basis.

This breed also loves to be around other people. A big family or a family with children to give this dog breed a lot of attention is great!

Get your dog used to children, other people, and even other animals as a puppy. This will help your dog to understand to be nice and less aggressive toward these things.

This dog breed will also need extra patience when it comes to training, so keep that in mind as well.

Scoodle Exercise

The Scoodle is one dog that does not really need to have a daily walk.  If this dog has enough space to move around, it will exercise itself.

This breed will still need around forty-five minutes of exercise per day. This can be accomplished easily through play outside, trips to the dog park, and walks.

This breed is on the lighter side of the exercise scale, there are other breeds that require a lot more exercise than that.

This breed can also live in an apartment because it won’t need a big yard to run around in to get its daily exercise requirements.

Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix Feeding

This breed actually needs three cups of high-quality dog food a day. You may be thinking that this is too much for this breed, but this is actually considered a medium-size breed that needs around this much food per day.

Depending on the brand and type of food you have purchased, you will probably be spending around $1.25 to $1.50 a day.

You can give your dog hard, dry dog food as well as soft wet food.  You can also purchase specialty food for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs.

Scottish Terrier Poodle MixScoodle Grooming

The Scoodle does not take much time when grooming.  The only real grooming this dog needs is a light brushing a couple of times a week to keep its hair tangle-free and looking shiny.

If the dog has more poodle content than Terrier, they will need their hair brushing more and regular trips to the groomer to have their hair trimmed.

Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix Training

Thankfully this breed is very intelligent, and this breed gets this great intelligence from the Poodle parent. This breed can get very impatient with training so keep that in mind. Try to start out slow and in short bursts of training.

Make sure you always start out with the basics when it comes to training your dog, such as potty training, socialization, and obedience training.

You can always reward positive behavior with treats and praise, and love.

Scoodle Puppies

The first decision you will need to make is, do you want to get a Scoodle puppy from a breeder or a rescue. A breeder is going to cost a lot more money, but you may not be able to find a puppy from a rescue, either. On the one hand, you will be saving a dog’s life when you go through a rescue.

If you go with the breeder option, make sure you do extensive research on a breeder that you are going to be able to trust. You want to make sure the breeder is okay with you coming by to look at the dogs and puppies.

You also want to have a breeder that doesn’t mind showing you any health records on their dogs. This is very important in knowing you have a breeder that has healthy dogs.

The average cost of a Scoodle puppy can run around $750-$1250. Of course, the price will vary from breeder to breeder, but you can use this range as your estimated cost to get a puppy.

This price is still significantly less than the price of a purebred Scottish Terrier or a Poodle.

If you do go the dog rescue route, you will need to find a dog rescue in your area and see if they ever get a Scoodle’s in or if they know of a rescue that has one.

Scoodle Litter Size

The Litter Size of the Scoodle is three to seven puppies in a single litter. Since this is a medium-sized dog breed, the female dog can hold more puppies than a smaller dog breed would be able to.

Now certainly, your dog could have more than seven puppies in a single litter, but this is just the average range.

Your dog could certainly have less than three puppies as well, just make sure if you are ever concerned that you contact your local veterinarian.


This dog has such a kind temperament that it suits anyone.  It gets on with all people, and if socialized well, it does not have any problems with other pets.

As it is a low shedding dog it is perfect for those people who tend to suffer from allergies.

Close relatives of the Scoodle

Below you will find a list of breeds that are very similar to the Scoodle mixed breed:

  • Scottish Terrier
  • Poodle

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