Where to Find Old English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

The Old English Bulldog is the ancestor that makes up a lot of the Bulldog breeds that we know today. This breed was first developed in the early 1700s or earlier. It is a very muscular breed that has that iconic Bulldog look.

Are you interested in owning your very own Old English Bulldog? Look no further; let me help you with your search as I have found reputable breeders who have Old English Bulldog puppies for sale.

Old English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

How Much is an Old English Bulldog Puppy?

This dog breed really ranges in price. Each breeder is different and will charge what they want. You will typically find the Old English Bulldog priced between $2,500 to $5000. Especially if you want a show-quality dog, it will cost you more, just plain and simple.

Remember that there may be additional costs throughout your dog’s life, so don’t just expect to spend the price for the puppy. You will need to save up for food, supplies, and even medical expenses.

What’s the Difference Between an English Bulldog and an Old English Bulldog?

Many people do not realize that there is a difference between these two dog breeds. The Old English Bulldog is actually slightly bigger and more muscular than the English Bulldog. The Old English Bulldog can also have guard dog tendencies, but your dog can be raised to not act like that.

Old English Bulldog Puppy For Sale

Reputable Old English Bulldog Breeders

There are a lot of breeders around when it comes to finding an Old English Bulldog puppy. Below you will see four breeders that can definitely give you your dream puppy. Of course, you can check out other breeders as well, but we strongly suggest purchasing from a breeder you can trust and not a pet or puppy mill.


The owner at Beachbulldogges is producing very high-quality, healthy, and confident Old English Bulldogges. They want all of their dogs to go to loving homes that plan on having the dog be a family companion. This breeder spends a lot of time with their dogs each day.

Now breeding is not this breeder’s job but treated just like one and given the same amount of attention as others. When their dogs have puppies, they begin doing training and early on socialization which is great for a well-rounded dog.

This breeder also shows their dogs in IOEBA. They are also a member of the Mid Atlantic Weight Pull Club. I am not sure how often they have litters available, so you can message the breeder and ask. Prices for their Old English Bulldog puppies for sale will range in prices based on their litter. I see they did have a female available for $4,000 not sure if it is still available when you are reading this.

Definitely check out this breeder if you are interested in getting an Old English Bulldogge. You can view pictures and other information here: http://www.beachbulldogges.com/

Allot Of Bully

This breeder is very dedicated to their job of breeding and producing high-quality Old English Bulldog puppies for sale. Dixson Armstrong is the owner and breeder running Allot Of Bully. They are located in Boise, Idaho.

The goal is to raise dogs that follow confirmation, healthy ones, and dogs that can be perfect family companions. They will breed some of the more rare or exotic colored dogs too. They do not sell any of their dogs to pet stores or puppy mills. The breeder wants all of their dogs to go to happy homes.

Their dogs do come with a health guarantee to give you peace of mind. This breeder even has some references that you can view if you are on the fence. This is a very reputable choice for a breeder in the Old English Bulldog space.

To let the breeder know that you are interested, the best way will be through email or through phone calls. See what the process entails to get your dream dog from this breeder. Follow their steps and see when the next litter is supposed to be. You check out more here: https://www.allotofbully.com/main/

Medium Small Dog Silhouettes

Bodybuilder Bulldogs

This is a family that absolutely loves the English Bulldog breed. They are a family of six and live in rural Oklahoma. They got their very first pair of Old English Bulldogs in 2012. The breeder grew that from two dogs to what they are today. They are producing some of the best Old English Bulldogges in the world. The breeder’s goal is to get this dog breed in the hands of more families.

All of their dogs get played with and loved on every day. The children of the house are always providing the dogs with socialization. When puppies are born, they get the same amount of love and attention. They also begin basic training. This is very important to create friendly dogs.

This breeder has plenty of upcoming litters, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to acquire your dream dog. They also have some Old English Bulldog puppies for sale that range at different prices. Some are priced for show quality, and others as just family companions.

I am not sure if this breeder ships their dogs; this will be something you need to ask when you send your initial email. Also, ask about what you need to do to get on the waiting list for one of their puppies. You can check more about this breeder here: https://www.bodybuilderbulldogs.com/

Bullys For You

The next breeder that we would like to recommend to you is this one named Bullys For You. This breeder produces a couple of litters of Old English Bulldogges per year. Unfortunately, the website does not state when the next litter will be, so it is important that you ask the breeder if you are interested.

All of the puppies that this breeder has are registered with the IOEBA. They will be vaccinated and up to date on shots as well as they come with a one-year health guarantee. This breeder does provide shipping of their dogs to you. This will ensure that the puppies get to their new owners safely.

It is important to contact the breeder if you are interested and see if you can get on the waiting list. Sometimes breeders require you to put a deposit down to gt on the waiting list. If this is the case, then the deposit will be $500.

You will need to sign a contract once you get approved to purchase one of their dogs. Check out this breeder and see if it will be a fit for you. You can check out the breeder here: https://bullysforyou.com/

Old English Bulldog Rescue

Old English Bulldog Rescue

A rescue is a great way to save a life of a dog that needs a good home. There is one rescue that I recommend for the Old English Bulldog is called the No Border Bulldog Rescue. This is a non-profit rescue that volunteers run. The goal is to rescue and rehome the Bulldogs they get into loving homes that plan on keeping the dog forever.

This rescue gets a variety of the Bulldog breeds such as the Old English, English Bulldog, and even the French Bulldog. I am not sure if this rescue takes in mixes, but you can always ask and see. Rescues will charge significantly less than a breeder but keep in mind the dog may not be a puppy and could have some health concerns.


Are you getting your very own Old English Bulldog puppies for sale? Please let me know if you are getting your own puppy or already have one. I hope you found this article very helpful in your search. I know how hard it can be to find a puppy from a reputable breeder.

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