German Shepherd Whippet Mix Hybrid Breed Information

Another option for a great family companion that combines two popular dog breeds is the German Shepherd Whippet mix. This, as it sounds, combines the famous German Shepherd and the Whippet together. It is not known when this hybrid was first created, but it was likely done intentionally.

This hybrid breed is sometimes called other names like the German Whippet or the Whippet Shepherd. This breed combines the best traits from both parents to give you an ideal family companion with a lot of energy. If you are interested, keep reading on to learn more about the German Shepherd Whippet mix.

German Shepherd Whippet Mix

German Shepherd Whippet Mix History

Most of the time, mixed dog breeds do not have a lot of background history that is known. Therefore, people usually aren’t sure who first decided to breed these two-parent dog breeds together.

Most hybrid dog breeds have been created in the past 50 to 100 years, so there is not a lot of history about the mix. However, here you will find some basic information about the parent breeds that make up this mix.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has a very extensive history that most people know a little bit about. As you may already know, the German Shepherd originated from Germany. This is a working dog breed that used to and still does aid owners in a variety of jobs.

One man is responsible for creating this dog breed by breeding a few different breeds together. This man was named Max von Stephanitz. He wanted a dog breed that would guard but also help him with a variety of things.

The creation of this dog breed took some time but eventually turned into the dog breed we know today. Now people from all over the world have heard of the German Shepherd, and a lot of people have owned one. When the German Shepherd breed came to the United States, it was accepted into the AKC in 1908.


The Whippet is known for being a relative of the Greyhound dog breed. They have very similar features, and they are a small to medium size dog. Whippets were created by combing a Greyhounds and some other type of Terrier dog breed.

These dogs were used for a very important purpose; they were to chase and hunt after small game. In addition, the Whippet was exceptionally fast, making it perfect for catching animals such as rabbits.

When the breed made its way to the United States, it got accepted into the AKC in 1888. Today this dog breed is still very popular and very fast.

Whippet German Shepherd Mix Appearance

You will notice that the Whippet German Shepherd mix is a medium to large breed. You will notice this mix will take on traits of both parent dog breeds, so each dog can look slightly different. Your dog will likely have a very muscular body. Even if your dog takes on more traits from the Whippet, it will be lean but very muscular.

Both parent breeds have a curved back, so the mix will inherit that sloped or curved back by the tail. The muzzle will most likely be long and slender. We will discuss the coat of the German Whippet in the next section.

German Shepherd Whippet Mix Coat

The coat for the German Shepherd Whippet mix will vary. Your dog can take on traits from both parent dog breeds, so it can be hard to say what type of coat your dog will have.

German Shepherds tend to have a very thick double coat, whereas Whippets have a single coat. Based on this information, your dog can either have a short or slightly longer coat that can be thicker like the German Shepherd parent.

Depending on the length of the coat will impact the amount of grooming you will have to do each week on your Whippet Shepherd.

Medium Large Dog Silhouettes

What Colors Do They Come In?

You can find the German Shepherd Whippet mix in these color variations:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Sable
  • Tan

Your dog can have just one color or multiple colors on their coat.

German Whippet Temperament

If you already have some background information on both dog breeds, you know that the German Whippet will be a very intelligent dog breed. You will be able to easily train this breed as long as you are consistent with it.

This hybrid breed will also make an excellent family companion. As you know, the German Shepherd parent is known for its family companion capabilities, so you can expect this hybrid to be great.

This breed can have a high prey drive, and it gets that from the Whippet parent. So, you may find your dog wanting to chase after squirrels or small animals it sees in the yard.

Overall, this mix will be very friendly and also very smart. It can help to various jobs just like the German Shepherd parent. This mix will also be very energetic, which can be great if you are an energetic person.

German Whippet Size

Size is another thing that can be difficult to determine in mixed breed dogs. The German Shepherd parent can weigh 49 to 88 pounds in weight and span 22 to 26 inches. The Whippet can weigh 15 to 40 pounds and span 18 to 22 inches.

Now that we know the weights of the parent breeds, we can try to estimate the weight of the Whippet German Shepherd mix. Most mixes will range from 25 to 65 pounds in weight. Again, every dog is different, and the size will fluctuate based on what traits the dog takes from which parent.

Whippet German Shepherd Mix Health Problems

All dog breeds, even mixes, may have some health concerns, so it is important as a dog owner to be aware of the potential of health issues.

Hip Dysplasia – Hip Dysplasia is a very common condition among a lot of bigger dog breeds. This is when the hip and the pelvic plate do not connect properly, so it will slide in and out of place. This will cause your dog pain and lameness if not treated.

Elbow Dysplasia – Like hip dysplasia, the elbow doesn’t connect into the socket and will go in and out of place. Again, this is more common in bigger dogs, but small dogs are not immune from it either. Remember to talk to your veterinarian if you are concerned or suspect your dog of having this.

Bloat – Bloat is common among a lot of dog breeds, and this occurs when the dog eats too much or too fast, and the stomach actually twists and turns. This is very painful and needs medical attention right away. If your dog doesn’t receive medical attention, this can be fatal.

Von Willebrands Disease – This is a more severe condition that causes bleeding. This bleeding is due to the deficiency of protein, and it won’t let the blood clot. If your dog loses too much blood, your vet may have to give a blood transfusion to your dog.

If you are ever worried about your dog, take it to the vet to get a full check-up to ensure your dog is healthy.

Whippet And German Shepherd Puppy

Life Expectancy of a Whippet Shepherd

Life expectancy is another thing that is just absolutely hard to determine in a mixed breed. We can only estimate the life span based on the parent breeds. While most mixed breeds are healthy, they can sometimes get health issues that can affect their lives.

German Shepherds tend to live a life span of 9 to 13 years. Whippets tend to live around 12 to 15 years. So, your German Shepherd Whippet mix will live between 9 to 15 years. Remember to always check your dog out with your vet to ensure it is healthy.

Purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder is also something you should do because then you will know the breeder has healthy parent dog breeds. Also, some breeders offer a health guarantee which is great when purchasing a puppy.

Living Conditions

This is a medium to large dog breed, so a small apartment or condo will not be the best option for your dog. Most HOAs for condos or apartments do not allow dogs over a specific weight. If you want to have this hybrid breed, you should think about living in a single-family home with a yard.

The Whippet German Shepherd mix will need an appropriate amount of exercise. Spend between 30 to 60 minutes each day exercising your dog. You will want to start your routine when your dog is a puppy. Then, little by little, get your dog used to your exercise, feeding, and training routine.

This breed would not be suitable for people who suffer from allergies. This is a shedding hybrid, so if you have issues with dog hair, you may want to check out other dog breeds.

German Shepherd Whippet Mix Exercise

Remember that both parent breeds of the German Shepherd Whippet mix are highly active, so you will need to spend some time exercising your dog. It is important to get your dog outside doing physical exercise because it isn’t actually getting exercise if you just let your dog outside in the yard.

Spending between thirty minutes to sixty minutes each day exercising your dog will be very important. You can split up that time into multiple sessions such as morning, afternoon, and evening. Make sure you are doing activities such as running, walking, and even taking your dog to the dog park to play with other dogs. These are all great activities to do with your dog.

As long as you keep your dog active, it will make your dog less likely to have destructive behavior when in the home. You can also purchase your dog some mentally stimulating toys to play with when not exercising.

Whippet German Shepherd Mix Feeding

Mixed breeds don’t tend to have a set amount of food they eat every day, and I will tell you why. Every dog is different as every dog weighs a different weight. The food that we feed our dog is based on its weight, so every Whippet German Shepherd mix will vary slightly.

It is crucially important that you do not overfeed your dog, or it will become overweight or even get bloat which is a very serious health condition. It is important to give your dog a high-quality food that way, it will sustain itself throughout the day.

You will also want to space out those meals that way; your dog isn’t eating all of its food in one sitting and getting more food throughout the day. Some dog owners like to make their own homemade dog food or feed their dogs raw dog food.

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German Whippet Training

Both of these parent dog breeds are highly intelligent, which means the German Whippet will be too. Therefore, it is crucially important to start your training with your dog when it is a puppy as they will start to remember commands and tricks that you teach it.

If you are not training your dog chances, are it is exhibiting destructive behavior or disobedience. You can easily fix this by giving your dog some simple training techniques. You should also begin socializing with your dog at an early age, as this will make your dog more acceptable around children, strangers, and other pets.

If you do not have the resources or the time to train your dog, then I suggest hiring someone or taking your dog to a trainer; that way, it can learn some of the basics. However, I believe that every dog should get some form of training.

Whippet Shepherd Grooming

Your dog will likely have a longer and thicker coat than the Whippet parent but not as long as the German Shepherd. Even if your dog has a shorter-length coat, you will need to keep in mind that this hybrid dog breed will shed.

If you suffer from allergies, this may not be the hybrid dog breed for you. Shedding will happen more during the shedding seasons. You can try to help lessen the shedding by brushing your dog on a frequent basis.

Baths should be given to your dog when they are visibly dirty or if they seem to feel oily. Remember when bathing your dog to look for sores or anything concerning. Also, check your dog’s ears and make sure they are cleaned out.

Always check your dog’s nails to make sure they have been clipped and taken care of. Also, if your dog does not wear their nails down naturally, you want to make sure you always check them while grooming.

German Shepherd Whippet Mix Puppies

The best way to get a German Shepherd Whippet mix is when it is a puppy from a breeder. Unfortunately, it may take you a while to find yourself a reputable breeder that is currently breeding this mix and one that is reputable. Sometimes you can find these hybrid dog breeds in pet stores or puppy mills, but it is highly recommended to purchase one from a breeder.

Prices for the German Whippet will vary from each breeder, and some may be priced higher than others. When you get your new puppy, remember to start training and socializing your dog. This will give you’re a very well-rounded and happy dog.

German Shepherd Whippet Mix Pin

German Shepherd Whippet Mix Litter Size

Litter size is another thing that makes it very difficult to determine in mixed breed dogs. German Shepherd tends to have between 1 to 15 puppies in a litter. Whippets can have between 1 to 10 puppies in a litter.

As you can tell, both breeds can have a lot of puppies in one litter. Expect this mix to have anywhere between 3 to 8 puppies. Keep in mind each dog will vary based on which parent breed is the female having the litter.

Key Takeaways

This section of my article is just a quick little summary of the important things to take from this article:

  • This will be a medium to large hybrid dog breed with a very slender but muscular body.
  • The coat can be short or slightly longer depending on the genes that dog acquires.
  • There will be some health conditions that you will want to be aware of.
  • German Whippets need between 30 minutes to one hour of exercise each day.
  • Feed your dog a high-quality food with a good source of protein.
  • Training should be easy with this dog breed as long as you are consistent.
  • Remember that this dog breed sheds so make sure your not allergic to dogs because it isn’t hypoallergenic.

Close relatives of the German Whippet

Here you will find some dog breeds that are quite similar to the German Whippet:

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