How to Find Barbet Puppies for Sale

Not many people have heard of the Barbet dog breed. It is a medium-sized dog breed that was recently accepted into the American Kennel Club. Barbets are classified in the sporting group.

The Barbet is a descendant of a few different dog breeds. It looks a lot like a Poodle, just with more hair. This is a hypoallergenic dog breed. Are you excited to get a Barbet puppy? Below is a list of a few reputable breeders that can help you find Barbet puppies for sale.

Barbet Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Barbet Puppy Cost?

A Barbet is a purebred dog that can range drastically in price. You can get a Barbet for $1,000 to $2,500. Some breeders will charge more if their dog is part of clubs, bloodline and if it is of champion status. Some Barbet puppies for sale have been advertised for up to $4,000. Try to only purchase from a reputable breeder. Do not buy a Barbet from a puppy mill or a pet store.

Sometimes you can acquire a Barbet cheaper from a rescue. However, rescues usually only make you pay a very small adoption fee. This fee barely reimburses the facility for the medical expenses spent on the dog.

Every rescue is different, but adoption fees can range from $300 to $600. You always have the option to go with a rescue, but it could take a longer time to find the perfect dog you are looking for.

Do Barbet Dogs Shed?

The Barbet dog breeds shed very little. This breed has a very different coat than other dogs as they have hair instead of fur. This means it does not shed like other dog breeds. This breed has a naturally curly, wavy coat that can get matted easily. You need to make sure you brush your dog thoroughly to prevent these tangles and mats. You may see small amounts of shedding around your home.

Barbet Puppy

Where Can I Find a Reputable Barbet Breeder

As you can see, I was able to find four reputable Barbet breeders below. Each one of these breeders can adequately give you a Barbet puppy.

Chateau Barbets

The woman who runs her breeding operation has extensive experience around a variety of different animals. As a little girl, she was given pets for birthdays and lived on a farm with her parents. After spending many years raising Labrador Retrievers, she moved on to raising the Barbet dog breed.

Today she has four Barbets that live in her home with her. The dogs get to explore her one-acre property. All dogs get DNA tested and health tested before they breed. Before she breeds her Barbets together, you carefully plan each litter to ensure the best puppies will yield from the breeding.

She also follows the puppy culture program once the puppies are old enough. This gets your dog used to a specific diet as well as socialized to a variety of things. When puppies are born, they are looked after extensively and monitored by a 24/7 surveillance camera.

When you decide that you are interested in owning a puppy from this breeder, you will need to follow these steps. First, contact the breeder by emailing her. In the email, share about yourself and why you want to own a Barbet.

At that point, you will wait for the breeder to respond back to you, giving you further directions to get on the waitlist for a Barbet puppy. So, click here to learn more:

Ethelred Barbets

Ethelred Barbets is located in the beautiful Sarasota, Florida. The owner has been involved in the dog world for the past forty years. She has worked with all of her dogs in shows, confirmation, and obedience training.

Her dogs are part of the Barbet Club of America, and she also works with the AKC as a Barbet rescue. Her dogs actively compete in various dog competitions. There is a section on her site all about show news and updates on her dogs.

She has about one litter of puppies each year. No upcoming litters have been posted yet. You can contact the breeder to begin the process of being put on a waitlist. To find out more information, you can go here:

Barbet Dog Breed

Prismatic Kennel

The next breeder I found is the owner of Prismatic Kennel, which is a family of four-generation dog breeders. Their Barbets are members of the American Kennel Club, American Barbet Club, and few other prestigious clubs.

The dogs get to live in this family’s home that resides on six acres in Washington State. They don’t just have dogs but also have goats, cats, chickens, and even hedgehogs. Dogs get to play outside and have lots of fun.

All dogs are born right inside their home, not in a kennel. Puppies will stay with the mom and family until they are eight to ten weeks old. Puppies get a lot of attention and socialization to help them develop sound and friendly temperaments.

They do allow visitors that are purchasing a puppy to come to their home to visit. You will be able to spend some time bonding with your dog before taking it home. If you want to do this, make sure you check with the owner first. Want to learn more about this breeder, then click here:

Blue Spruce Barbets

Blue Spruce Barbets is located in Thousand Island, New York. Their motto is to put their dogs first by raising happy and healthy dogs and puppies.

Mary Spies, the original owner who started Blue Spruce Barbets, passed away. Now, her daughter has taken over the operations and is continuing her mother’s passion for these dogs.

Puppies are sold under a contract, and all owners have to be approved before being permitted to purchase a puppy. You will need to contact the breeder and fill out answers to questions to get approved.

Puppies come with a health guarantee, microchipping, AKC registration, and their first shots. However, this owner does not let the puppies be released to their new owners until they are nine to ten weeks in age.

This breeder will constantly look after, begin training, and start neurological stimulation during these nine to ten weeks. This is very important to create very sound and intelligent dogs.

This breeder hasn’t had a recent litter of Barbet puppies for sale in a while. You can always email or contact the breeder to see about the availability. To see when this breeder will have a new litter of Barbet puppies, check them out here:

Hickory Tavern Barbet

The next breeder that I would like to recommend to you is the one running Hickory Tavern Barbets. This breeder has been working and showing dogs for over forty years. Currently, this breeder is breeding Barbets and Whippets. All of her dogs are registered with the AKC and given to homes where they will truly be loved.

Health testing is done on all their breeding stock that this breeder has to ensure they are only producing the healthiest puppies available. Their puppies are sold on a spay and neuter contract. This breeder does have planned litters for the year, and if you want to get Barbet puppies for sale, then I suggest contacting the breeder and finding out more information about getting yourself a dog. You can check out this breeder here:

Barbet Adoption

Barbet Puppies for Adoption

Many people choose to go the adoption route for many different reasons. Sometimes the reason can be financial, as it is cheaper to get a dog from an adoption, and other times people do it to save the life of a dog in need of a good home.

Whatever the reason may be, it is always lovely when someone adopts a dog from a rescue. Unfortunately, specific Barbet rescue can be hard to find as there are not many.

The Barbet Club of America has its own dedicated rescue through its club. They will take in and rehome any Barbet surrendered to them. There is a main person from this club who you can contact to get you information on the available dogs.

There will be a fee associated with adopting a dog. Keep in mind it will be significantly less than getting a puppy from a breeder.


Barbets are a unique dog breed that has just started to get more and more popular in the United States. Barbet puppies for sale can be very difficult to find; that is why I put this list together to help you find your dream Barbet.

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  1. Do not recommend Prismatic Kennel. “Angel” rarely responds and is not reliable at all. Better to find someone more professional especially with such expensive dogs.


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